Para compradores

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Ariba Network para compradores

Collaborate with more than 2.5 million suppliers across the purchasing process to control spending and strengthen your supply chain.

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SAP Ariba Discovery for Buyers

Get access to more than 2.5 million suppliers in more than 20,000 categories. Find the right supplier for any project.

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SAP Ariba Connect

Your portal for product and release readiness information. Plus, get round-the-clock assistance from response centers across the globe.

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Atendimento ao cliente da Quadrem

Find Quadrem customer support and transaction guidance, as well as information about locations and supplier portals.

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SAP Ariba Education

Product training is available in virtual classroom, traditional classroom, remotely, and through the cloud in the SAP Learning Hub.

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Para fornecedores

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Ariba Network

Collaborate with customers on all shared aspects of business commerce: proposals, contracts, orders, invoices, and payments.

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SAP Ariba Discovery

Promote your company to Fortune 2000 companies worldwide and get matched with purchase-ready buyers who want what you sell.

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Help Center

Accessed within Ariba Network and SAP Ariba Discovery for support with the task at hand. You can also ask other users for help.

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SAP Ariba Seller Commerce Consultants

Work with an expert to discover ways to get the most out of your Ariba Network subscription.

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Live Demos

Get tips and learn best practices. Topics range from integration and catalog options to strategies for finding and winning new business.

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Uma observação sobre a conformidade de exportação

A Ariba, Inc., uma empresa dos EUA, cumpre leis e regulamentos de exportação dos EUA. Os clientes e fornecedores da SAP Ariba também devem cumprir as leis de exportação dos EUA no que se refere ao uso dos produtos e serviços da SAP Ariba. Helpful information about Ariba's export compliance program is available here. (