Introducing faster integrations between you and your buyers

SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway integrates your back-end systems with all of your individual buyers. The availability of a self-service wizard and support for a wide variety of transaction formats makes the integration faster and easier. Just a few clicks ensures the free flow of transaction information and simplifies your end-to-end business process:

  • You can interact with multiple customers by connecting just once to Ariba Network
  • You need to manage only a single configuration for all customers, reducing the time needed to deploy integrations
  • With quicker integration to Ariba Network, you can enjoy a faster market-to-cash cycle, greater order and invoice accuracy, lower processing costs, and higher customer satisfaction
  • The system supports a wide variety of industry formats

Product Features

A self-service wizard

The setup wizard automates the complex tasks of integration, making it easy to handle everything on your own.

Fácil acesso

Single sign-on functionality, which allows you to easily log in through either Ariba Network or the integration gateway.

A standards mapping repository

Multiple non-cXML data standards used across a wide array of industry verticals are supported, making it easy to align your customers’ data and formatting requirements to yours.

Test central

An automated, intuitive way to test and validate the connectivity, transformation, and content of documents you have configured in the integration portal.

Transaction tracker

A transaction tracker with search capability, which helps you keep track of customer interactions conducted over Ariba Network.